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Accent Reduction

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Accent Reduction Classes in NYC | Online Training Near me

Join us for American accent training with our accent reduction classes.

mulher-envergonhadaFluent vocational skills have become so important in work fields, educational institutions, especially when one steps out to a non-native country. It has become an essential source of communication, and one is judged upon if unable to achieve the skills.

Excellent English skills are hence necessary for every individual these days, not only because they are required for communication but also for better understanding of education if taken in foreign universities.

The Struggles of learning English

Learning the English language is a considerable achievement. The language is a challenging one to master. However, people who speak English as a second language still face several obstacles when they attempt to communicate with native speakers. Speaking isn’t the same as reading the language in a book. Even if you know the ins-and-outs of English grammar and have a full arsenal of vocabulary, your accent can get in the way of correct native-level American pronunciation.

Maintaining an accented speech is completely fine for some people, but for those who have professions that demand a high level of communication with those who do speak English, they often wish their accent wasn’t there at all. Those who work as airline employees, healthcare workers, call-center operators, IT professionals, and public speakers can find their native accent a barrier to success when dealing with a large base of native English speakers. Their wish to communicate easier can come true with accent reduction lessons.

About Accents

What even are accents? If you’ve ever stopped and listened to the way different people speak around you, you may have noticed they all sound a bit different even when they’re speaking the same tongues. The thing that makes them sound different is their accent. Everyone from everywhere speaks with some kind of accent. With the way people move from state to state and country to country, you’re sure to hear a variety of different voices. The way a person’s voice sounds depends on many factors, but two of the most common groupings include:
• Regional Accents. Regional accents are ones that are common among those living in specific parts of a country. People who live in New York sound a lot different from people who live in Texas.
National Origin Accents. National origin accents are what you hear from those who have learned English as a second language, most often those who learned languages as an adult. For example, someone who natively speaks English will sound different from a French person who learned to speak it as an adult.


What Is an American Accent?

Everyone who speaks English has an accent. However, not all of those accents sound the same.

British and Australian English differ significantly in sound from American English. Even within the United States, there are different dialects among native English speakers.

Regional dialects are prevalent in America, and the person speaking always uses their accent as a standard for comparison. For example, a person from Boston uses their accent as a standard for comparison when speaking to someone from Georgia. Despite their differences, there are base similarities between them that form what is known as General American.

The General American accent is the one used by media broadcasters. You may have noticed it when you listen to the news; the newscaster sounds the same no matter where in the US you are. They use General American for television due to its quality of being easy to understand. No matter someone’s regional dialect, they don’t have to strain to understand the speech of someone who is speaking General American.

This standard accent emerged from English speakers living in the interior of the US, where there was a mingling of different regional dialects. These transformed into one fairly generic linguistic model.

What Is Accent Reduction?

Accent reduction is a process that people go through to modify their American English pronunciation. The result is an accent that is easily and effectively understood by those who natively speak English. We offer both group lessons and private tutoring sessions by trained language professionals. Our training helps aid non-native English speakers to achieve real fluency in speaking American English.

These accent reduction classes teach English learners how to move and hold their mouth, lips, jaws, and tongue. These movements will help you make specific sounds. Training your mouth in this way will help cement the standard speech patterns associated with American English.

Who Can Take Accent Modification Classes?

Changing your accent is achieved through hard work and practice as you learn to actively change the way you say specific words. It’s hard to change your accent on your own, but there are professionals, like ours at TPC, who can assist you.

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Who desires to know how to get rid of accents? Surprisingly several people, including:
• People who want to change their regional accent.
• People who speak English as a second language.
• Actors who need to manipulate their voice for a role.
• Professionals who want to communicate better at work.

Why Consider Accent Reduction Classes?

Accents are a natural part of all spoken languages. They say a lot about where you’re from and your background. It’s something that a lot of people are very proud of. So why do some people seek out courses to reduce their accent?

The most common reason people consider taking accent reduction lessons is that they’re learning English as a second language. While it should be noted that no accent is better than another, and your accent isn’t a language or speech disorder, reduction courses can help you succeed in fields that are English-dominated.

People may have difficulty understanding you with your accent. While some people are rude about this language barrier, others will politely ask you to repeat yourself. No matter other people’s responses, these situations can become frustrating for you. You may end up repeating yourself ceaselessly, and people may focus more on the sound of your voice rather than what you just said.

These issues make school, work, and a variety of other activities harder on you than you’d probably like them to be. If you feel you’re experiencing these problems, then accent modification classes are right for you.

Tips to Reduce Your Accent

There are a few tips to keep in mind as you work to reduce your accent. These include:
Be patient and persistent.

The biggest thing to remember is to be patient. It will take time for these techniques and methods to become effective. Your accent will not diminish in just a couple of weeks. Stay determined. You’ll get there soon enough, especially with the help of a professional.

Learn a trick to help you pronounce the voiced and voiceless ‘th’ sounds more easily.

There are some letter combinations that are particularly difficult to pronounce. The voiced and voiceless ‘th’ sounds are some of them.

To perfect this specific differentiation, hold your tongue between your teeth for a slightly more protracted amount of time. Don’t flick it back too quickly. While holding your tongue, consciously make it wider and flatter. Doing this makes it easier to send out air over your tongue, making the perfect ‘th’ sound. Practice this without making any sound at first. Just try to make your tongue flat and wide.
Create an audio recording in your head.

Having an audio clip or voice already in your mind can help you better reproduce the sounds you’re aiming for. If you want to sound like a native English speaker, you need to have an auditory recording in your mind of what that is. Having a specific reference for a word or sentence will help you better reproduce that word. Eventually, muscle memory will allow your brain to recall the nuances and sounds of the speech pattern you’re aiming for.


American Accent Training

Our program offers skills that improve your English-speaking skills as we mainly focus on vowel pronunciation, consonants, the intonation and the rhythms of the words.

  • By learning the correct way to pronounce vowels, one can improve their speaking skills, as it plays a major role in the way your accent is formed.
  • With the knowledge of the correct consonant sounds, one can improvise their accent and can easily build a better speech.
  • With the proper vowel and consonant speech, one still need to have the knowledge of the proper way to say a sentence, with the correct pitch, stress and rhythm. It makes the sentence much more understandable.

Benefits with Accent Reduction Classes

mulher-relaxandoTOEFL preparation classes bring the best accent reduction classes for the non-native students who are unable to speak English in the fluent way. The improper English speaking can cause many communication problems at workspace, within colleagues, and communication in general.

Hence, accent reduction classes help overcome all these obstacles and lead to better vocational skills. One can also take accent reduction classes online, which makes the access to the knowledge very easy, and makes American accent training easily accessible.

With the continually globalizing economy, there has been an increase in non-native English speakers who are seizing opportunities that have been long established in American English speaking areas. The biggest benefit gained from accent reduction courses is the ability to succeed in ways not possible beforehand.

Accent reduction benefits speakers by teaching them to create sounds that would otherwise feel inorganic in their native tongue. Languages have their own particular set of characteristics in elocution, such as the absence of “r” in Chinese dialects and the trilled “r” in Spanish. These characteristics can make it hard for English learners to pronounce unfamiliar phonology in American English. American English pronunciation practice can help non-natives acquire a model for how the physical components of speech work.

Criticism of Accent Modification Classes

There a number of linguists, and some even non-linguists, who are skeptical and harsh about attempts to reduce accents. They often see modification practice as accent removal classes, which is seen as a shift towards the loss of cultural heritage.

However, many of these courses are aimed not at completely eliminating a person’s accent but dialing it far enough back that it is easier to communicate. Plus, students in these types of programs feel like they’re gaining valuable skills rather than losing their heritage. Accent reduction classes have proven to be a vehicle of fluid movement within American society that still allow students to retain the richness of their own culture and native language.

In fact, many countries and cultures have embraced reduction training. Countries such as India see it as a way to advance in the information technology industry. Many well-educated Indian speakers already work in the realm of technical support. Accent modification classes give them more of an edge in the industry as they can communicate more effectively with the majority of their clientele: North Americans.

Latinos who live in the United States are another cultural group that has fully embraced the benefits of American English pronunciation practice programs. Like many others, they take these classes to help with professional advancement. They also use it to navigate the complicated world of American healthcare.

Accent reduction classes near me is never intended to be elimination. Students learn just enough to be understood easily by native speakers of the language.

Where to Get American Accent Training?

TPC provides online classes for accent reduction which are very easily accessible to anybody. These classes are run by our best professors, that help you with better English vocational skills. They analyze what one lacks and helps improvise the weaker skills, and helps making the vocational skills better.

The online classes make it easy to get enrolled in, via online registration or a simple phone call. Once enrolled, indulge yourself in the greatest learning experiences.


By enrolling yourself with our online accent reduction classes, you’re not only exposing yourself to the best classes, but you are also indulging yourself in an experience like never before. With our classes, it gets easier to understand and grasp what we have to offer, and make learning a whole new experience.

After analyzing what one lacks, the program helps improvising the pronunciation and vocational skills, which further helps in receiving education and communication.

Those wondering “where can I find accent reduction classes near me?” can find what they’re looking for with our online lessons at TPC. TPC is the world’s largest preparatory school that is completely based on the internet. Founded in 2010 by a Columbia-trained educator, we offer a wide variety of tools, techniques, and knowledge to help with a range of subjects. Our courses are completely online and are taught by highly skilled teachers.

We’re proud to have some of the most comprehensive tutoring instruction with native American instructors and a robust internet interface. When you’re looking to learn accent modification techniques, we can help!


Get yourself enrolled with the simplest ways, by online registration or just a simple phone call, and you can easily opt for our online accent reduction classes.

With just these simple steps, make yourself available for classes that can help you reform you English skills, and make yourself better with communication and understanding skills.

Get yourself enrolled today, for the best learning experiences.


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